Youth United EP

by Bramble Co.

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released May 13, 2013



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Track Name: Wherever The Dawn May Take Us...
now here we go lets cast away
to find ourselves another day
a peace of mind a place in time
a light to shine
for in the darkness we are blind
oh we must leave this world behind
oh we must leave this world behind so watch us
wherever the dawn may take us
and no one will ever break us
so far away from here
watch as we dissappear

oh we're headed for catastrophe!
a failing everlasting freedom!
youve got to float along with me
we've got to reach the open sea!

so watch as we set sail
watch us sing to such avail
watch us live for what we find
depth of heart and peaks of mind
Track Name: "Bob Villain & The Helen Dwellers"
its been some time
but you have always been inside
deep parts of me
deep parts that make me feel free
we used to sing
we used to sing such lovely things
now i believe well i believe because YOURE GONE
my body is breaking down..
my heart i dont know if it will hold out
these people want me under the ground..
my body... is breaking down

beneath the trees
we sat and sang sweet melodies
but like the breeze
you came and went as you damn well please
you didnt see... those songs were everything to me
you didnt see, you didnt see and now i think
that my body is breaking down...
my bones i dont know if they can hold out...
these people want me under the ground...
my body is breaking down!!!
Track Name: ♫Thundering Liez/As Lightning We Will Strike!!♫
oh here it comes again
a storm on the horizon
are you ready now my friends
prepare yourself for the wicked winds!

and do you hear us cryin?
no you dont!
cause everyone is silenced!!

by the thunderous lies
the demons in disguise
but not one place under our deep blue sky
can they hids
for as lightning we will strike
as lightning we will strike!

oh here it comes again
a voice you think within you
"saying hide away my friends
it will be alright in the end!"
simply a distraction
now begin to take it back
yes i mean the soul we had within...

and if you dont
well many years down the road
you may wonder why you cant find yourself...
and when the storm comes youll know...
to the wickid did you bind yourself!!!