Diddy's N' Such​.​.​.

by Bramble Co.

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released April 20, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: Countryside
Wake up to the rising sun
youll see the stars shine when the day is done
youll see the green grass in the summertime
come with me leave your troubles behind
way out in the countryside
we'll sing songs while we're drinkin wine
and then we'll sleep under moonlight
sleep under moonlight tonight

sweet days
you gotta get away
from the dark minds
got you workin like a slave
and these are dark times...
unless you make your way out to
the countryside

you better understand
ill never leave this land!
live better, see the city never again!!
Track Name: Another Night In The City
another night in the city
come down to me just feelin kinda shitty
this town aint right!
im out and im never comin back
to the trees i go! gonna build a little shack...
where i stay all night and every day,
this life of mine wont waste away
im gonna spend my time with my mind right, cause this place is just insanity!

its dark out here, can you feel it?
the cold is comin quickly
we gotta stay inside by the firelight
gotta wrap up warm, better wrap up tight
cause you never know how the wind blows
it whistles through the windows
it whispers to you softly...
the sound it makes is awfully haunting!

walkin down the street seems like all the people
that you meet are dead inside, just look-
you can see it in their eyes... theres no disquise
for the heartless loveless soul destruction
the world is ending, you better run
got a few more years til it all burns down
better pack your bags, get outta this town!

i come out when the suns out
otherwise i stay inside
these times are strange, things are derranged
and everything just stays the same everyday!
how do you overcome in a world that has been over run


well, the suns goin down
all over this town
the suns goin down
and the moons comin out
the suns goin down, and im leavin town
the suns goin down

the suns goin down
Track Name: Everything's A Ghost!
everything is peachy
everything is fine
everything is rotton
everything is dyin
everything is wasted
everything is tainted
everything is sacred... and everythings divine

and theres no two ways about it...
because the path is uncharted..
but i have never doubted...
that i can make it through

everythings in shadow
but everything can shine..
and everythings too easy..
but everythings a fight..
everythings attainable
look now everythings been lost
everything is thriving
and now everythings a ghost//

and i will not die
before i get some peace of mind

everythings in darkness..
but all will come to light
everythings a dream
occuring deep inside your mind
and everything i think you think is all that youll become...
so everything i am i guess is all that you have done?
Track Name: Shining Diamonds
I wanna take a trip into your diamond mind, I wanna search through every shadow to see what I find
could it be a jewel, a crystal light, or maybe I'm a fool and its a waste of time....
but shining diamonds, I have got to find them
so here we are, all I see are shimmering stars
do you think that we could make it far into the sky
cause it looks just like a diamond mine...
Track Name: Illumination
your earthly paradise is lost
but like a seed you have been tossed
into a universe of such illumination
Track Name: Burning True
a fire burning
a fire burning
as the wheel is turning
i see a flickering light
//deep in the darkness
so deep in shadow!
so it is hallowed
so it is followed
so it is found...
//the source of this light
that burns eternally bright
eternally bright...
i found the source of this light
are you burning true?
the fire is you
//and i will sweep your ashes back down into the dirt
and i will feed your flame as long as i dont get burned
and i will bring the rain if your heat only hurts me
but oh, you say

a fire burns...

a fire glows
a fire grows
a fire dances
it gives us warmth and
light deep in the night
a fires fury is tamed
after all is burned away..
you are the flame
you are the flame
are you burning true?

and i will dig your ashes their own place in the earth
and i will fan your flame as long as i dont get burned
and i will bring the rain if your heat only hurts
but oh, you say...
a fire burns...

it burns the dead and dying!! our fire is thriving...
Track Name: The Donuthins' - 2H3LL2NiGHT
its the world that youve created
its the people that you kill
its the change due back a hundred years...
a hundred further still!