The Do​-​Nuthins Strike Again!

by The Do-Nuthins

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released November 18, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Demonize Me
Demonize me, Ive committed crimes
I have given up myself and let them stick me in the side,
Now I bleed
Leaving stains on all the pretty things that I see
Painting pictures in blood and misery so
Demonize me, Ive committed crimes
All the sadness all the madness
It has lefty spirit weak and I am
Haunted by yesterday, guess that is the price you pay
Never planned to live this way butnow its done so go ahead
And Demonize me..

So what's the news today? The headlines read "a wicked fate!"
They scream it from the sidewalks because everybodies listening
They wanna hear about the fall, can you believe they lost it all?
When youre on your knees they feel so tall
Its a disease, itkills you off
Like flies on shit they've gotsuch sorry lives to live
But who am I to mention this I guess it makes me just like them
So go ahead and Demonize me
Track Name: The Perfect Disguise
Well I can't pick the roses that grow in your eyes
But I can hear music it comes from your mind,
And I won't lay a hand on that mask youre behind cause
Its made of yourbones its the perfect disguise
You carry it with you wherever you go
As you follow the signs on life's perilous road
They say this is a maze, youre soon to escape
To your fate, yourdestiny what you create
Track Name: Crimson Rivers of Our Undying Dreams
watch me bleed & you will see
Ive never found what I needed
In a life lived in between
the world of righteous & world of demons
I didn't make this awful mess
But there's a heart inside my chest
And while it beats well i believe
It can defeat the darkness
consuming everything
And if you bleed
they will speak to you dreams
& You'll hear the stories no one sings
On radios or cellphone screens
the bits and pieces
Of a puzzle made of rubble come together
to say that no one bleeds forever
this world can't bleed forever
so bury me
Inside Pandora's casket
I will only come right back,
And find a way to strike again
I've got a plan, Its to attack
The time will come, so don't hold back
and if we bleed, we'll watch them drown
in our undying dreams
crimson rivers of
our undying dreams